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Macaroni Production Lines

Product Description Qntty
Pressing Unit 1
Shaker 1
Pre – Drying 1
Resting Silos 1
Aır Conditioning – Main Control Panel 1
Buckets “Z” Elevator 1
Installation and Commissioning 1
Training at Site 1




• Production Capacity: up to 150 Kg/h.
• Dry pasta seeming specific weight: up to 400 Kg cubic meter.
• Dry pasta thickness: 1,1 mm max.
• Format max length: 5 cm.
• Warrantee format: on five different formats of common choose, provided that seeming specific weight and length are adequate.
• Output 150 K/hour. Hourly capacity can vary +/- 10% depending on type of pasta ( raw material, shape, die, etc.)


The Production Capacity Refers To The Following Technological Parameters:

• 150 kgs/h of dried short-cut product , 300-400 kg/mc specific weight shape and with 1 mm. sizes thickness.
• Final humidity 12 % with a tolerance of +/-0.5 % on the base of the whole quantity of lasagne laid on trays.
• Whenever 100% of durum wheat semolina is used, 70% raw materials gradation must be comprehended between 300 and 180 micron and at any case 30% left must never be higher than 400 micron of gradation.
• In order to obtain the dough, it’s at your charge the water supplying according to the International Health Organisation, cleaned, colourless, odourless, tasteless, with no chlorine and/or ammonia residues, with no suspended particles greater than 5 micron.
• Water pump will be supply 45 / h 1.5 bar . Flour doser will be controled by inverter. Customer is expected to take care of water supply to the dough at the required temperature to obtain the technological process.
• Dehumidified compressed air with a constant 6 bars pressure at least must be granted by the Custmer.
• Continuous and uninterrupted production of the guaranteed shape for 24 hours cycle.
• The heat will be generated by electric serpantine

The dough touching surfaces of the pressing unit are stainless steel. Semolina and water that will be mixed
shall automatically be poured to the vessel. There is 1 piece of macaroni mould with CIRCULAR DIES
having Diameter of 200 mm Chromed cutting surface, complete with special interchangeable Teflon insertsan
d 5% of spare inserts Shape to be defined with thickness 0.9-1 mm.

Pressing Unit system operates full automatically. Technical features:

• Compression group provided with diam. 90 mm. Compression cylinder provided with cold water stainless steel circulation jacket.
• The screw motor is drived by inverter with display.
• Head is provided with water gap to allow cold watercirculation and therefore realize head thermoregulation.
• Spheroidal graphite casting head suitable for 200 mm. diam.dies; die change is made by an hydraulic pusher.
• Pressure gauge with concerning electrical safety contactsare of course included.
• New electrical hoist for lifting dies till head loading flooraccording to work safety regulations.
• İndependently working button panels installed at press foot in mixing tanks zone. repeated orders to electrical general panel.
• New electrical hoist for lifting dies till head loading floor according to work safety regulations.
• Pressure gauge with concerning electrical safety contacts are of course included.
The unit consists of:

• Cyclone
• Dosage Unit
• Vessel (Mixer)
• Small Helical screw (Cross Helix)
• Big Helical screw
• Head Part (Moulding Unit)
• Knife Cutting System
• Knife Aeration Fan
• Vacuum System and Pump
• Short cutted pasta die in Bral (Bronze Aluminium) d. 200 mm, inserts in Teflon.Test format 210


Shaker unit is the section where the initial moisture of the material is removed which is coming from the
press unit cut and humid .The product retains in this unit about 1 or 2 minutes. The material’s initial
moisture is reduced by ventilators and suction fans operating inside. The stock, then, is transferred to the 1st
Drier by an elevator.

Main Features:

• Sieve Eccentric Motion System
• 30 mm thickness panels internally lined with steel which opens fully bymeans of special butt strap rods to make maintenance and clean-up operations easier.
• Electrical axial fans provided electrical motors and aluminium cast fans with adjustable blades.
• Sieve Suction Fan
• shaker on support legs off the ground provided with bottom nsulation board.

Pre -drying is composed of 5 m long tunnel with 3 stages. The touching surfaces where macaroni is dried are made of polyester and outer covers was produced from a material providing heat insulation with
interior part made up of polyurethane material and outer part is made of white dyed iron sheet which meets international food processing regulations. In the Pre-drying, high portion of the moisture is removed.
The moisture content is decreased from 29-28% to 18 %within 45 minutes retention time. Heat and moisture control are controlled by automatic conditioning system.
The second drier is also composed 5 m long tunnel but 4 stages and the materials used are identical with the
1st drier. This is the main section that the product takes its color and shape. So, the real drying section is
second drier which directly effects the final product quality. The moisture content of the material is decreased gradually from 19% to 12,5 – 12 %. Again, heat and moisture control are controlled by automatic conditioning system. Drying period of the product is approximately 5-5.5 hours.

The units consist of:

• Drier Operating Drive Group (4 pieces) .
• Vibrant Product Distributing System
• Product Drying Bands ( 5 M long, 7 decks) Anodic
oxidized Aluminum
• Ventilators inside Driers ( 10 pieces)
• Outer Air Suction Fan ( 2 pieces)
• Product Output Unit ( Vibratory)

Dried material has to be rested for a definite time before packaging in the silos. These silos’ capacity would
meet at least 1/1,5 of daily production. The finished product are transferred by an elevator to the silo top
bands and will be distributed or loaded to the desired silo by means of adjustable bands without any human

The units consist of:

• HM “z” HM 350 mm buckets elevator, provided with loading and unloading hopper
• 1 Belt conveyors mod. HM 350
• 1 Belt conveyors mod. HM 350
• 1 Belt conveyors mod. HM 350
• The filing and archive for various types of macaroni receipts


This panel is designed with touch panel PID automation system fully controlling of succesful drying process. PID control system allows precise and full control of moisture parameters in every stage of drying process. And this directly effects the success ofn the final moisture content of the macaroni to be produced.
Following applications are managed by Air Conditioning Control Panel:
• The filing and archive for various types of macaroni receipts
• The alarm for troubleshooting
• Code protection for access for modification on the data
• The calculation of average production
• The electronic and electrical materials are chosen rom the worldwide branded high quality suppliers
• having CE certificates.
The units consist of:

• Motorized rolling shutter for pre-drying air intakes.
• Pneumatic modulating servo-motor (Siemens Control brand) for the rolling shutters and/ or air scoop
• butterfly contro
• Feeler Elimko for reading, control and temperature/ humidity adjustment, in each control clime area
• Electric motor internal line, degraded,protection level IP 55,

• Buckets with stainless steel structures and net.
• Buckets length : 350 mm .
• “Z” conformation.
• Modular carrying structure.
• Structure modules made of strong iron plate pressedfolded and carbon steel section-piece.
• Structure base fixed on adjustable supports,lifted from floor of 100 mm about.
• Base with drawer to raise possible pasta rejects.
• Command by motor-reducer.
• Mechanical security by torque limiter.
• Buckets discharging by electro pneumatic command revolving.
• Buckets movement by carbon steel chains pitch:

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